Boiler Cleaning Brush

Boiler Cleaning Brush
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Condenser Brush
For small bore tubes of 1/2" (13mm) to 1" (26mm). Of similar construction to the D.S. Pattern and av..
D.S. Brush
A robustly made brush, double filled, for prolonged cleaning work in STRAIGHT tubes. Various grades ..
S.H.K. Brush
This brush has a very strong scouring action indeed and is much in demand by some Sugar Mills. Rapid..
Single Spiral Brush
For tubes of 1"(26mm) to 4"(104mm) bore. For hand use only. Orthodox brush which can be used for han..
SPR Double Spriral Brush
As the Standard D.S. Brush but filled with small diameer coil spring inserts. For use only in severe..
T.B. Brush
This design of brush is used mainly for light brushing and polishing of tube surfaces in all types o..
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